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Hey guys just letting you know I haven't died. I still watch this account, I'm sorry I just don't get around to replying to all of your messages (if I miss something important please send me a note).

I am working on a new Flash game and it's about halfway done. In the same style as my other games but a bit prettier. I hope you'll all enjoy it (: If you have any requests for it (markings, accessories, etc..) please comment and I'll see what I can do. And let's just say it's more for the feline lovers. (If you're unsure what sort of 'game'/interactive, please check my gallery).

In other news..I need to start drawing more x_x it's been a while.

Guys before you note me/comment please PLEASE read below. It will most likely answer your question.

:bulletblack: Yes you may post a screenshot of your wolf/dragon/navi creation. Just give credit.
:bulletblack: Please do not sell them as adoptables.
:bulletblack: I'm not updating any of my current Flash games. Deal with it lol
:bulletblack: I am not a Flash expert. If you want to learn Flash please ask elsewhere or google it.
:bulletblack: No I'm not taking requests or doing trades. Sorry I don't have the time :(
:bulletblack: Commissions are open. Please send me a note if you're interested (1 spot left)

Just thought I'd update anyone still watching this account. As you probably know I've been, well, dead lately >_> I haven't updated anything lately, I just haven't been drawing and anything I have drawn I've hated. I promise I'll get back round to this at some point, and I am quit keen to make another flash game and reteach myself coding and such.

I'd just like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday (I turned 22, I feel so old ._.) and everyone I haven't gotten around to thanking for the faves, watches and everyone posting links to the characters they created using my games (I look at all of them I just rarely have a chance to comment, sorry for this). Thank you guys, you're great (:
So it's been like half a year and I haven't really said much. Sorry for that xP Been fairly busy with Tafe work and such.

I'm most likely making a new account. I'm really quite done with Flash and tbh I can't remember how to even use the program it's been so long (with coding and such). But 99% of comments and questions I get on here are related to those Flash games I just don't care about anymore. I'm close to deleting it, but more than likely will just make a new account to avoid the many raging people if I did decide to delete it lol

I suck at thinking of good usernames....


Journal Entry: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:10 PM

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Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys <3

I'm 21... I feel so old @_@ I still act like I'm 15, and look like it haha But oh well. My bday was good, had a limo drive me around, cocktails at a fancy hotel and dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants in adelaide.. was awesome haha

omg I do apoligise though, I've been so preoccupied with Cataclysm that I haven't been drawing or anything. Will get to some point >_>

Trade? :3

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 22, 2010, 3:26 AM

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I'd like to do an art trade with someone (: Preferably only one person as I'm incredibly lazy, but I may do more if I have the time. First person to post in this journal gets it, just to be fair (:

If anyone else wants to do a trade with me then post a link to the character you want me to do (or a description) and I'll choose another at random to trade with if I get the time ^_^


:bulletblue: WolfRacoon (Finished)
:bulletblue: Wings-Of-Chaos (Not started)


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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 21, 2010, 1:18 AM

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So I did a little CSS in Tafe but I've forgotten certain things which make it very hard to edit this journal properly. All I really need help with atm is changing the font. Can anyone please help me? (: I've tried the whole "h1" thing, and had no luck. But maybe I'm putting in the wrong code x__x

I'm sure it's like the most simple thing ever but yeah, I'm quite lost xP I'd also like to put some padding in this box so the text doesn't go right to the end. Help would be much appreciated ^_^


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working hard :/

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 11, 2010, 2:48 AM

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Well work's being a bitch.. got like a bunch of night shifts then day shifts, every friggin week, my body clock is so confused. So I apoligise for the lack of updates and art recently.. I've just been so tired and distracted :/

Buut anyway.. I'm almost ready to start uploading again. I just need a theme or something, I've kinda drawn enough canines to last me a lifetime xP Regardless I'll still draw them, but I need something else right now. So suggestions?? I was thinking trying out backgrounds, but knowing me I'd fail epicly haha

Also...anyone want to draw me something, pretty please? (: Maybe just some fanart of my ID character perhaps? I haven't had any drawings in a very long time and I'm feeling unloved haha I should really open trades but knowing me I'd never get round to them x_x

so how is everyone? ^_^


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So what's up guys? xP I've been somewhat dead lately haha Haven't actually checked on this account in forever. So I'm very sorry to everyone I haven't replied to and such. I have over a few thousand messages and I just don't have the time to read through everything. But I hope to be more active soonish. I've just been very busy working recently and dealing with a heap of dumb relationship issues. Buut I hope to start being more active so I hope you haven't all forgotten about me haha

In other news I went to Melbourne on the weekend for manifest, which is an anime convention. Was a lotta fun, spent a lotta money xP I felt so left out though not cosplaying so I've decided I should cosplay next year..only problem is I dunno who to go as :S So far I've thought of Blue from Wolf's Rain and Squall. Don't really wanna change my hair too much, here's a pic of me and how it looks(kinda, it's windy and messy but yeah you get the idea) -… So gimme opinions people xP

And that is all yay
Our whole universe was in a hot dense state...
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait...
The Earth began to cool,
The autotrophs began to drool,
Neanderthals developed tools,
We built a wall ...we built the pyramids...,
Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries,
That all started with the big bang!~


I mean I love that show.. but seriously.. that theme song haunts my dreams |:

Apologies to anyone that is confused xD

Leonard ftw <3

In other news, commissions, you want one. kgo ;D…


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=Working on=

Some reference pictures for my OCs
Trade with KineaJynxx


So.. is anyone else experiencing lag on this site lately? I keep trying to go reply to comments but it's taking friggin forever to load a single page and even reply :/ Doesn't seem to happen on any other site than dA, this is so annoying -.-

Omg I wanna see Avatar againnn.. why is that movie so good? >.<
Speaking of which, someone give me a good idea for my next flash dress up/creator game. I want something original, create a wolf was original when I first made it but it seems just about everyone's made a game similar now xD I need something different, like the Avatar game, not a cat or horse or dragon, maybe a gryphon or chimera or something? What do you guys think?


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=Working on=

Some reference pictures for my OCs
Trades/commissions will type up later *lazy*


Yup, today was my 20th bday, I feel so old D: I'm no longer a teenager..which is kinda sad cause I still very much act like one >.>

Soo this is just an excuse to write a journal entry, but whatever ;D I got awesome things like new speakers for my comp so I can actually hear stuff like music, and sounds |: My last ones were gay and I couldn't hear much at all with them. Also got some other technologies which I cbf explaining and chocolate 8D and dragons 8D Well dragon statues.. but they're pretty awesome lol

/end major content update none of you cared about anyway <.<

I have some time til uni starts, so I may open trades and perhaps a request or two at some point. For now commissions are open, but I'll only  really take 2-3 for now since I sorta fail at multi tasking xD if you're interested note me :]

commission info -…


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=Working on=

Some reference pictures for my OCs
Trades/commissions will type up later *lazy*


Commission info

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 9, 2009, 6:03 AM

:bulletblue:Facebook:bulletblue:Commission Info:bulletblue:

Please send me a note if interested (:

Requests: Closed
Trades: Closed
Commissions: Open


What I will draw:
:bulletred: Pretty much any animal
:bulletred: Fantasy animals
:bulletred: Fanart (Pokemon, neopets, etc..)

What I won't draw:
:bulletred: Humans, anthro/furries (Sorry I really can't draw them) D:
:bulletred: Anything 18+
:bulletred: Realism, very detailed drawings

***Note: I don't usually do backgrounds, unless you have something very specific in mind, then tell me. I'm not all that good at backgrounds so I'd prefer not to do them. Usually I just do a simple background which you can see on my current deviations***


:bulletred: Flat coloured/sketch/lineart - $3 (extra character + $1)

:bulletred: Shaded + simple background - $5 (extra character + $3)

:bulletred: Reference Sheet (Need as much detail for this as possible) - $8

:bulletred: Simple click & drag Flash game (eg; dress up game) - $15

:bulletred: Advanced 'Creation' Flash game (eg: 'Create a Wolf') - $30

~Please note me any questions/queries. If you'd like to commission me please send me a note with all the details of your commission ^_^

Rant(ish) ahead >.>

So I was in this dungeon group run today on wow (that being world of warcraft lol).. and one of the group members wouldn't stop calling us "scum" through the entire run. It was actually kinda funny, every time something went wrong they started nerd raging and telling us to go f*** ourselves. But it really makes me wonder why people take their games so seriously, I mean, I yell at games sometimes when I die and such, but I'm not actually angry. This guy seemed to have some kinda crazy mental illness or something...or maybe they're just a dickhead lol Anyway that's the short less rant-y story, I'm done now and taking a break from the crazies in wow. Time to play my new kingdom hearts DS game 8D it's so shiny *_*



As far as art goes.. I'm somewhat dead xD But I'll be submitting 893479837 months old trades/requests soonish I hope xD It's all on my mac, I just gotta be bothered to turn the thing on sometime :/

=to do=

Trade with :iconkrewcia: - finished
Request for :icontrabbii: - lineart done
Trade with :iconwing-shadow: - not started

^ title

Yeah.. I gave in. I bought this horrid machine so I can finally play the games I've always wanted to play. Like Aion.. can't wait to try that out. But omg.. I *hate* pcs, they make me rage so bad >:[ I'm feel like a computer noob. Wtb shiney new mac D:

But fortunately now I have a huuuge screen so I have no more excuses as to why I can't finish my flash games and draw more stuff. Aside from lazyness that is xP

I dunno how you pcérs survive tbh lol

Someone reccommend a good game to me 8D


=To do list=

Trade with :iconkrewcia: - lineart done
Request for :icontrabbii: - not started

Ok so.. I'm really really bored. Even WoW isn't entertaining me tonight. Soo.. someone request something. First request only, and no humans plz because they hate me D: Soo.. request. kgo  


=To do list=

Request for :iconlunaakawolf: - colouring done, almost finished
Trade with :iconkrewcia: - not started
Request for :icontrabbii: - not started




For this tag, you need to list 20 random facts about yourself and tag people!

1. I have absolutely nothing interesting to say about myself |: but whatever
2. I'm 19.. but I look about 15
3. I is girl.. I think >.>
4. I'm really gay
5. I'm not actually gay.. only when I drink 8D oh.. or for sophie --> :iconwing-shadow: <--
6. My art sucks and I'm considering taking beginner art lessons
7. I have no skills..
8. ..but I'm a pretty fucking pro Super Smash Bros Brawl player 8D
9. I swear too much
10. I'm addicted to WoW
11. ..and m&ms
12. I skipped half of year12 and I still passed
13. ..and got into Psychology at Uni
14. I'm just that pro |: (not really lol)
15. Wtf am I watching.. and why is it yelling at me? o_o
16. That wasn't a random fact about me but I don't give a shit I'm bored.. shut up
17. I'm a spelling nazi, you spell a word wrong around me and I kill you.. a lot ( lol jk.. sorta >.> )
18. I procrastinate by playing WoW..
19. I think I might go pla....

  • Playing: World of Warcraft 8D

I've been so dead on dA recently xD

I blame WoW.. it's so addictive

I desperately need a life


I promise to start submitting more sometime

When I get over this 8493693 month long art block


To do...

Raptoor for :iconwing-shadow:

Create A Wolf v2 - has been under construction for almost a year now XD haha I'm a lazy bitch
  • Playing: World of Warcraft 8D


Journal Entry: Tue Nov 4, 2008, 5:58 AM

?FAQ?My Livejournal?Commission info?FRIENDS?


PokeFAN Stamp by Wakki:thumb89755749::thumb76293818:

This is my new account.. pretty, yes? xP

haha.. why am I doing this again..? =__=


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